School Clubs

We are pleased to be able to continue to offer a wide range of after school, lunchtime and early morning clubs this term.  We are committed to providing a rich and exciting curriculum and we believe that our clubs have a role to play in enriching the curriculum.  The school offers clubs that teach gymnastics, cricket, dance, tennis and even cooking, most of which are free.  Not only are these clubs fun, but they will also help boost your child’s self-esteem and self-confidence.

How will it be organised?

This term, we will run clubs for a total of 13weeks.  The clubs will be run by teachers and outside agencies, such as Premier Sport.  The children will go to the club as soon as the school day finishes and then can be collected at the finish time; usually 4pm unless stated otherwise on the clubs timetable.  If you would like your child (Y5-Y6 only) to walk home from the club, you must tick the box to give authorisation.

Is there a cost?

Sometimes, in order to run such a wide range of clubs we have organised outside agencies to come into school to help run some clubs.  The cost of these clubs will vary depending on the club being offered.  Payment can be made online via the School Gateway.

How can my child get a place at a club?

Read the booklet and discuss which club or clubs your child would like to join.  You will then need to go online and use the Premier Sport website to sign up to a club run by Premier Sport (  Click on Courses and Clubs, type in Torquay in the location box and then find St Margaret’s Academy in the list of venues.  For all other clubs, you will need to get a booking form from the School Office to sign up.  We will strive to ensure that all children are placed in the club they desire.  Places are limited; all are first come, first served, so please act quickly!  ALL CLUBS BEGIN WEEK COMMENCING 16th APRIL UNLESS STATED OTHERWISE.


If your child misses a club for two weeks in a row, unless there is a medical reason, they may be asked to leave the club and the space will be made available to another child.  Why?  Signing up to a club is a commitment and we would expect children to honour this.  We believe that this is a life skill as well as an expectation.  Some clubs lead on to competitions with other schools and children will need to commit to attending every session in order to build a team to enter leagues and competitions.

What next?

Read the booklet with your child and check which clubs are open to which year groups.  Make a note of the days and times and then sign up ASAP, THE DEADLINE FOR PREMIER SPORT CLUBS IS WEDNESDAY 11TH APRIL AND ALL OTHER CLUBS IS MONDAY 16TH APRIL.