Digital Leaders

At St. Margaret’s some of our children applied to become Digital Leaders. A Digital Leader is someone who enjoys learning about computing and wants to share their knowledge and skills with other children in their class, or across the school.
Their job role includes; collecting the LearnPads (tablets) and laptops ready for their class to use, checking equipment has been charged, taking photographs of the day’s learning, supporting other children in class with computer programs or applications (apps), fault-finding problems (white boards not working, or laptops not connecting to the network) and many other things too.

Our Digital Leaders also suggest ways to linking computing to other subjects and share any new skills or apps/programs they have encountered whilst at home.

We meet weekly and are currently producing a questionnaire to ask the children how often they feel they should use computing and ICT equipment and software in class.   

Please come back soon to see what we have developed across our school!