Eco Warriors

At St Margaret’s Academy we are very proud of our school grounds.  Although every class enjoys going outside and exploring the environment as part of the curriculum, we have a busy team of Eco warriors who help the school make even more of the space. 

Although it is early in the year we already have many ideas which we plan to carry out throughout this academic year.   Each of our ideas are developed from our achievements last year.  Through regular meetings and support from both the whole school and our parents we were able to develop our Orchard so it grows a wide variety of fruit and vegetables, which our kitchen kindly cook for us, as well as being home to our chickens!  Every class helps with the planting of vegetables and caring of the chickens but as Eco Warriors we oversee the Orchard and discuss with our classes what we would like to grow, we then plan the Orchard planters during meetings and allocate planters to classes.

We have created posters and talked during whole school assemblies about different ways in which we can recycle – this might be paper in class, lights turned off when we leave rooms or simply making sure we use the composters for waste from the Orchard or for fruit skins/cores from playtime. 

Last year we achieved our Bronze Eco Award and we hope this year to achieve our Silver Award.  As a result of our hard work and the work of the whole school as well as from our parents we were able to enter the BayBlooms annual competition.  We entered our school orchard and were pleased to win First Prize!  We then, as an extra surprise, were awarded ‘Best Overall premises’ – this is a great achievement for us and we hope to build on this so that we can enter again this academic year.