Foundation Stage 2019-2020

Welcome to our Reception classes.  Our learning and fun starts here!  In Reception, we love to learn, playing indoors and outdoors as we work towards achieving our Early Learning Goals.  We love to explore, be curious, face new challenges, become independent and make lots of new friends.  Our teachers observe us at play, to help them understand and support us in our learning and development.  They get to know our interests and recognise how we learn.  They encourage us to do our best and understand that learning only happens when we are engaged and motivated in our play and happy and secure in our learning environment.

Here in Reception, it is a joy watching your child grow and develop and we like to celebrate all of their achievements whether they happen in school or at home with you.  We encourage parents to share their child’s achievements through our ‘Wow Moments’ that are then proudly displayed for everyone to see and celebrate!  We work hard to build good relationships with our parents and carers by operating an ‘open door’ policy.