The School Governors have a vital role to play in the running of the school and are closely involved in all the major decisions affecting the school. The Governing Body is a combination of appointed, elected and co-opted Governors and is made up in accordance with the school's Instrument of Government. The membership is as follows:
  • Mr Myles Key
  • Mr Ray Hill
  • Mr James Bennett
 Trustees (known as Governors)
  • Mr T Hughes (Headteacher)
  • Mr J Bennett (Chair)
  • Staff Governors - Mrs S Pike, 
  • Parent Governors - Mr J Bennett, Vacancy
  • Community Governors - Mr S Kane, Mrs L Kane, Mr T Brookman-Skirrow, M J Cree, Mr J Dickson 
  • Co-opted Governor - Mr M Key, Mr R Whiffin
  • Clerk to the Governors - Mrs K Colmer