Growth Mindset

Some children and adults believe intelligence is fixed and that they only have a certain amount. They will often say things like “I am no good at maths” or “I can’t draw”. Other children and adults believe intelligence is not fixed and that you can always improve —this is called having a growth mindset.

Children with a growth mindset generally make better progress at school because they know that you have to work to achieve and that sometimes you will meet set backs along the way. In school, we talk to the children about how they see their own attitude to learning and the effort they put in. We encourage them to say “I can’t do it YET” rather than I can’t do it and then we encourage them to try another way.

We also talk about the value of making mistakes and learning from them as some children are not prepared to take risks with their learning in case they get it wrong. We want to build a culture of keen learners who are prepared to challenge themselves!
The Learning Pit
Children will talk about being “in the pit” as we have explained to them that new learning requires effort and should be a challenge. We all know that feeling of struggling to learn something new and the euphoria we feel when we finally “get it” - so being in the pit is a normal part of the learning process. The children are learning that it is ok not to know, but it is not ok not to try.