Shop keepers

When given the freedom to explore their own environment, without restrictions, children will lead their own learning.  The play food is accessible all the time, in previous times it would have been available only to create a designated role play area.  This ensures that if the children decide they need it to enhance a game or idea they can go ahead. William chose to set up his own shop and gained plenty of customers. He created all his own price labels and used the number formation cards to check they were the correct way round. We discussed the price things in his shop should be which prompted lots of language around 'more than and less than'. The £ and P's symbols were introduced to add another level of authenticity and maths knowledge.  One of his fellow shop keepers decided to introduce the counters as money which enhanced the game even further. William's labels were kept in the drawer with the play food should another child wish to use them - this added value to William's creations. We didn't stop there though...description labels were also created independently using a sound mat to help.