Music at St. Margaret's

Nearly everyone enjoys music, whether by listening to it, singing, or playing an instrument. At St. Margaret's Academy we try and offer lots of opportunities for children to experience music outside of the National Curriculum requirements. Music has many benefits for children, including developing language, memory and co-ordination whilst also developing their imagination and creativity.
We employ three peripatetic music teachers who ensure the children have the opportunity to experience playing a range of instruments during their time with us. In KS1 the children learn to play the ocarina, in Lower KS2 they learn to play the ukulele an in Upper KS2 they learn to play samba using drums and percussion instruments. 
These music teachers are also able to offer individual or small group tuition which can take place during the school day or after school. They offer piano or keyboard lessons, guitar, violin or other stringed instrument lessons and drum lessons. If your child has expressed an interest in playing an instrument please call in to school and ask. If we can't offer the tuition we may be able to help you find a music teacher in the local community.
The children take part in regular singing assemblies and musical Nativities in KS1 and a large musical production at the end of KS2. At different points in the school year we also have a Performing Arts Club who take part in local music festivals for schools and we are currently setting up a school choir.
We also try and encourage the children to listen to different music genres and artists in their free time through having a piece of music and information about the artist linked to the theme of our weekly whole school assembly.