Starting in October 2019, we started to teach phonics through the Read Write Inc (RWI) programme.  Phonic lessons are carried out each day and the children are taught according to their phonic knowledge so each child is taught to their specific need and is able to reach their potential. 

All of the children learn phonics through RWI until they are confident, fluent readers and the lessons are structured so the children are active learners throughout. 

The children work as a group or in pairs and within each lesson there are activities to teach and develop their knowledge of sounds, develop their fluency in reading as well as support them with the structure of how we write a sentence.

The sounds are known as pure sounds and they are learned through the children repeating the sound said by the teacher.  To help with letter formation, each sound is linked to a picture and a mnemonic. This helps them to remember the sound as well as how to write it. 

For further help with supporting your child, say the sounds when hearing them read at home. The link below will show you an overview of how the pure sounds are said.  At some point your child might bring home a short Ditty to read, the second link shows you how we teach them in school and how you can reinforce this at home.

Read Write Inc The pure sounds

Read Write Inc How To Teach A Ditty At Home