Play Leaders

The aim of Play Leaders is to introduce and develop leadership skills in Year 5 and 6 children by training them up and getting them to organise activities for other children in the playground.

Our school is extremely lucky to have some brilliant Play Leaders. They show some great leadership qualities and come up with many different and fun activities. 

At lunchtime their role is to:

  • Introduce new games.
  • Play with the children and to organise playground games such as obstacle courses, ball games and chasing and avoiding games. 
  • Support children to play safely.
  • Reinforce St Margaret’s Academy's core values.
  • Taking out and putting away play equipment.
The Play Leaders have their own equipment - hula hoops, mini football nets, all kinds of bats and balls are just some of the equipment that they use. Our Play Leaders encourage children to get active at lunchtime and the structured play allows them to have a fun and safe play time.