Rights Respecting School

At St. Margaret’s we are working towards becoming a Rights Respecting School. Our core values of respect, responsibility and aspiration link closely to the United Nations Convention on the rights of the child.


Article 12 – every child has the right to give their opinion and should expect adults to listen to this and take it seriously.


Article 15 – every child has the right to choose their own friends and join their own groups as long as this is not harmful to others.


Article  28  - every child has the right to a good quality education and should be encouraged to go to school to the highest level they can.

Article 29 – every child has the right to an education that will use and develop their talents and abilities. It should help them to learn to live peacefully, protect the environment and respect other people.

Classroom charters

At St. Margaret’s the children are central to everything we do and very much involved in the decision making process. Each class has their own classroom charter linked to the rights of the child; this charter is produced by the children in September and regularly referred to.

Rights Respecting School Councillors.

Each class has a representative that attends meeting to air the views of the students in their class on issues they feel are important. Each half term we focus on a different Article from the UNCRC to ensure children understand what the articles mean, how they apply to them and to keep their rights in the forefront of their mind.

We also fund raise for the rights of children across the world; this enables the children to appreciate that many children do not have the same rights even though they should. We have raised money for Save the children, the shoebox appeal and through a day for change.