School Nutrition Action Group

The School Nutrition Action Group (SNAG) is a group of adults and children who meet half termly to discuss the Food Culture of the school.

We talk about school lunches and suggest menu items. We introduced tasting tables so that the children could try new foods and vote for whether they would like them in the menu. Olives, pickles, feta cheese are just some of the new foods we have introduced.

Sometimes we have special themed days to celebrate British traditions or to celebrate religious festivals – we discuss what these will be in our meetings. We talk about our curriculum and make food links within our topics and sometimes have themed meals to fit in with our learning.

We also talk about the dining experience. We had a competition to name our dinner hall and chose “Orchard Bistro”. Some of our older children help the younger children in the Bistro at lunchtime. We would like to grow flowers to decorate the tables.

Another part of the SNAG is to talk about growing food and last year we had a new greenhouse built and new vegetable beds put in to our Orchard. We can now grow and eat our own food.  We suggested putting more herb beds around school, too. Another idea was to have chickens so we hatched out some eggs and now we have four chickens who give us eggs every day for our kitchen.

Cooking is also important and we talk about how we can get children cooking more in every day lessons. Last year we built a cooking room and kitchen for the children to use throughout the day. We also have visits from the Fun Kitchen every term and now have our own cooking club after school. 

The next project will be to take cooking outdoors!