School Values

This year at St.Margaret's Academy we have been reflecting on what we feel are some of the core values that we like to see in ourselves and others.

As a development of this project we have launched two of our new look Core Values throughout the school which are 'Respect' and 'Responsibility'. All of the children have been introduced to these concepts by  two super-heroes - 'Respectful Ricky' and 'Responsible Robin'. They will soon be joined by 'Aspirational Amy' to make a trio of St.Margaret's Core Values and super-heroes.

The children will be discussing these values on a daily basis both in lessons and as part of special assemblies and we believe that developing these values in our children will make our school community an even more inspirational place to be.

Please talk to your children about how they have shown Respect, Responsibility and Aspiration throughout their school day and encourage them to show these values at home as part of their home learning. 

Respect, Responsibility and Aspiration.