Fire Safety in Years 2 and 5 21.1.20

Last Friday, some members of the local fire brigade came in to talk to the children in Year 2 and Year 5. They talked about the risks of playing with fire and how we can keep ourselves safe. We learnt about how smoke rises to the ceiling so we should stay down low to the ground to escape. This is why smoke alarms should be fitted to the ceilings on each floor of your house. The children were asked if they knew their address in case of an emergency. Does your child know their address?

The fire officer challenged everyone to go home and check their fire alarms are working properly. This should be done once a month. If you do not have a working fire alarm, call 0800 05 02 999 or visit and the team from Devon and Somerset Fire Services will come and fit one for you.

Finally we had a look at all the special clothing and equipment that they have to wear. Mrs Cosh got to dress up as a fire-fighter. She said the clothing was really heavy and smelled of smoke!