The Year 5 Bake Off Challenge 26.2.21

Today we had a Year 5 Bake Off Challenge.  Children were challenged to make a sweet treat and the results were fantastic.  We had 14 entries from Holly Class and 12 entries from Willow Class  and Mr Marchant was our VIP judge.
Here's what Mr Marchant had to say:
Holly Class!
After much deliberation, I have picked the three winners... It's been incredibly difficult as you have clearly put lots of time and effort into your fantastic baking. The creativity is astounding- from St Margaret's Badges to Ketchup and White Chocolate Crispies, you have created a range of impressive bakes! I have finally settled on the top three cakes...
3rd Place- Justin's Triple Layer Cake (I loved the chocolate details!)
2nd Place- Isabelle's Duck Decorations (wonderfully inventive!)
1st Place- Natalia's Raspberry Sorbet, Jam Tart and Cream (I'd be impressed if that was served to me in a restaurant)
Congratulations to you all- don't be disappointed if you didn't win as you are all incredible competitors. I might have to stop at a bakery on my way home now...
I have had a long look at your baking, and I have been amazed by your efforts! From delicious bourbon brownies to inventive mug cakes, you have created an incredible variety of absolutely amazing delicacies! I expect to see many of you on the Great British Bake-Off! After much deliberation,
I have finally settled on the top three places...
3rd Place- Eva's Malteser Cupcakes (beautiful presentation!)
2nd Place- Vaughn's Flapjack (the centre looked particularly tasty)
1st Place- Logan's Gooey Salted Caramel Brownie Cake (it looked mouth-wateringly good)  
Well done to each of you for taking part and producing something so marvellous!