Easter Bunnies, Boating & Scavenger Hunt 2.4.20

Have a look at the KS1 Easter cards and handprint bunnies and sheep. They also worked with KS2 on a scavenger hunt. 
We've had a great time in KS2 designing and making our own boats this morning and then raced them this afternoon. We had to conduct a 'sail off' between Natalia's boat, Kitty Clan, and Athena's boat, This Boat Will Lose! Funnily enough, Athena's boat won in an amazing 3 seconds! 
The children also had a great time completing a scavenger hunt showing some really creative ways to respond to some of the clues.
Athena, Kaia and Kayden volunteered to tidy up the PE shed on the playground and made an incredible job of it! Well done and thank you to them.