Breakfast & After School Club

Breakfast Club

The school runs a daily Breakfast Club which opens at 8.00am and costs £2.50 per session. The staff offer various healthy breakfast options, and after the children have eaten they have the opportunity to relax and play games before school.

Booking exact days is required for Breakfast Club and parents must pay online using the School Gateway. A minimum of five sessions must be paid for. Parents are asked to bring their child to the club door and hand them over to a member of staff who will check the pre-booked register of pupils attending. 
In an emergency, children can be brought to Breakfast Club without prior booking but we would appreciate this only being a very rare event.
After School Club

After School Club is run on the school site each day until 5.55pm. Younger children are escorted directly from their classes at 3.05pm but the older children walk to the club themselves. The children are also able to attend any school-run sports or activities before going onto After School Club.

The children take part in various activities both indoors and outdoors and are offered a range of healthy snacks, as well as have the time simply to relax.

The cost of the session is £7.00 for the first child and £5.00 for siblings. Places must be booked and paid for a half term in advance. If you are interested in this provision then please ask at the school office for more details.