How to Create a Homework Haven

A Guide to Creating a Homework Haven

Homework can be a battle for many parents! It can be difficult to remember back to being a 7, 8, 9, 10 or 11-year-old student, but we know that at this age, distractions can be found everywhere! That is why it’s crucial to create a space for your child, free from any disturbances or interruptions that will help them get on with their maths homework. 

Step 1: Find the most secluded and quiet area of your home.

Step 2: Remove televisions, pets, annoying siblings and even computers (unless they are needed for research) from the newfound homework hideaway.

Step 3: This is a fantastic chance for you to bring your child in on the design of their homework haven. Use your combined design skills to make this an area that really stands out from the rest of the house, and one that your child is going to want to do their work in.

If your son or daughter feels that fairy lights will help them think then get them up on the wall. Nobody’s asking you to create a life size mural of an elephant on the wall to help with science homework, or to write the 12 times tables out with a calligraphy pen. Fairy lights and a comfy seat are a good enough place to start….

If they would prefer to sit on a bean bag rather than that infamously uncomfortable desk chair that’s in the spare room, see if you can source one from somewhere. (Gumtree is a great place to start!)

The idea here is not to create a generic work environment for your child with a desk, chair and pen pot. The idea is to create something that will work for them and act as an incentive for them to go and do their work.

Step 4: Make sure that all of the equipment your child will need is within arm’s reach. This is a quick win when helping children with homework as it means that rather than spending 10 minutes ‘looking’ for their ruler, it is already there and ready to use.

Step 5: Make sure you are never too far away from any potential calls for help. If your homework hideaway is upstairs and you’ve popped downstairs to get to work on the dinner, ensure you can still hear any homework help requests that come your way. Ignore these at your peril as an unanswered cry for help can quickly turn into an incomplete piece of homework…

By creating a special space within which homework can be completed, you will remove both the distractions and stress that can come with it!