The school uniform plays a valuable part in contributing to the ethos of our School whilst setting and reflecting an appropriate and formal tone.

The Department for Education strongly encourages schools to have a uniform as it instils pride; supports positive behaviour and discipline; encourages identity with, and support for the school’s ethos; ensures pupils of all races and backgrounds feel welcome; protects children from social pressures to dress in a particular way and nurtures cohesion whilst promoting good relations between different groups of pupils.

At St Margaret’s Academy we encourage our children to take pride in themselves and in their work. We need you to help us in this by making sure your child wears uniform that fits in with the general dress code of the school.

Purchasing the school uniform

All items of the uniform are available from Riveria Schooldays, in Torquay. Many items can also be purchased from other clothing outlets, including many supermarkets.

Labelling clothing

All items of uniform should be clearly labelled with the child’s name. In the event that a piece of clothing is mislaid, if it has a name it will be returned to the wearer. Everything else is placed into the Lost Property Box by the office - from where many things never return!

Jewellery and hair

Items of jewellery are unsuitable for primary school pupils to wear during the school day. Rings, necklaces, brooches and earrings should be left at home.

A number of pupils have pierced ears. Please ensure that these pupils wear only studs to school and these will need to be removed for PE. Earrings can be dangerous for the wearer and for other children if they catch them during physical activity, particularly PE and games. Any other piercing is not permitted, for example noses and eyebrows.

Children’s hair should be presentable, clean and tidy.  Hair that is shoulder length or longer needs to be tied back or secured with an alice band. Small hair bands, scrunches and slides should be purple, navy, black or white. Dyed hair and fashion cuts are discouraged.

Dress code

The basic colours in our dress code are purple and grey.

The uniform

  • Purple school sweatshirt or cardigan with school logo (available from Riviera School Days).
  • Plain grey skirt, culottes/divided skirt or pinafore dress (skirts must allow free movment).
  • Plain grey long or short trousers.
  • White blouse or shirt, or white polo shirt.
  • Purple/lilac and white check summer dress.
  • Plain white or grey socks.
  • Plain grey, white or black tights.
  • Black shoes (laces only if your child can tie their own), Trainers are not permitted.
  • White or black closed toe sandals (no open toes).
  • School uniform must be worn to and from school. Make up is not allowed, this includes nail varnish.
PE and games kit

Children need to have a PE kit in school at all times. PE kits should be kept in a small draw string bag, large bags are discouraged as they are difficult to store.

  • Plain purple T-shirt with logo (available from Riviera School Days)
  • Black shorts.
  • White socks.
  • Black slip-on plimsolls or plain trainers (children may need both, as PE sometimes takes place on the field).
  • Plain tracksuit bottoms (for outdoor PE only).