The children are accessing their environments with an increased level of maturity. They know exactly what is available for them to use and are confident to select the best resources for their tasks.  They can take responsibility for their own learning and show an enthusiasm to 'try out' concepts introduced to them during teacher led sessions during their busy time.
 To ignite the children's imagination a large cardboard box was brought in with the question "What could I be?" If the children wanted to they could design what they would do with the box if it was theirs. We had an amazing range of ideas from Danger Mouse cars, handbags, rockets, Mr Freeze house, a bus...the list goes on! Mrs Pike was the judge and she chose Evelyn's house design. Many of the children were involved in the final transformation which took over 2 weeks to finally finish. They were measuring, estimating, following a design and evaluating and improving as they went along. This showed  perseverance, teamworking, communication and language skills in action.  It has remained a permanent fixture in the classroom for all to enjoy.