Bikeability Level 1 6.12.19

This week pupils from Y3 have been awarded the nationally recognised and certificated qualification – Bikeability Level 1.  Bikeability is the new cycle training scheme for the 21st century designed to give the next generation the skills and confidence to ride their bikes on today’s roads.  Level 1 taught the children basic bike handling skills to build their confidence in a controlled environment on the large playground away from roads with qualified instructors.  This course will equip them for the more intensive Bikeability Level 2 course, which will be available to them in Year 5.

It has been lovely to see the Y3 children learning about staying safe when out and about on their bikes. They have enjoyed practising different skills, such as braking without skidding, manoeuvring around obstacles. Their confidence has grown.

There will be further Bikeability lessons for Y5 later this year where they head out onto the roads!