KS2 Sports Day Record Holders (June 2019)

St Margaret’s Academy KS2 Sports Day - Record Holders 2019

We would like to thank the many parents and relatives who attended the event. The children thoroughly enjoyed taking part and your support is much appreciated.

St Margaret’s have many talented children and we are very proud of their achievements and enthusiasm for sport.

The following results were recorded on KS2 Sports Days since 2006!

In 2016 the Relay distance was reduced to one lap of the track and in 2017 Y3 & Y4 competed in the long race and hurdles relay for the first time.





Year 3 Boys Sprint

Archie Bean 2019

9.53s (new)

Year 3 Girls Sprint

Kayla Hadley 2019

9.37s (new)

Year 4 Boys Sprint

Amari Hadley 2017


Year 4 Girls Sprint

Freya Gunstone 2006


Year 5 Boys Sprint

Amari Hadley 2018


Year 5 Girls Sprint

Georgia Smith 2017


Year 6 Boys Sprint

Amari Hadley

8.84s (new)

Year 6 Girls Sprint

Georgia Smith


Year 3 Hurdles Relay

Hawkins Team 2018

1min 37s

Year 4 Hurdles Relay

Drake Team 2018

1min 34s

Year 5 Hurdles Relay

Hawkins Team 2018

1min 43s

Year 6 Hurdles Relay

Grenville Team 2018

1min 48s

Year 3 Girls Relay

Grenville Team 2019

29.75s (new)

Year 3 Boys Relay

Drake Team 2019

27.63s (new)

Year 4 Girls Relay

Hawkins Team 2019

27.45s (new)

Year 4 Boys Relay

Hawkins Team 2019

26.88s (new)

Year 5 Girls Relay

Raleigh team 2017


Year 5 Boys Relay

Drake Team 2018

24.84s (new)

Year 6 Girls Relay

Hawkins team 2018

25.72s (new)

Year 6 Boys Relay

Grenville team 2019

21.75s (new)

Year3 Girls Long Race

Ava Bylett 2019

57.16s (new)

Year 3 Boys Long Race

Benjamin Jolly 2018

49.60s (new)

Year 4 Girls Long Race

Harriet Tucker 2019

48.53s (new)

Year 4 Boys Long Race

Benjamin Jolly 2019

46.71s (new)

Year 5 Girls Long Race

Rhyanna Wilson 2015

2mins 09s

Year 5 Boys Long Race

Jake Van-Martins 2019

1min 53s (new)

Year 6 Girls Long Race

Catherine Thomas 2019

1min 53s (new)

Year 6 Boys Long Race

Amari Hadley 2019

1min 39s (new)

Year 3 Girls Distance Throw

Freya Shaw 2013


Year 3 Boys Distance Throw

Joshua Key 2008


Year 4 Girls Distance Throw

Sophia Petrakis 2015

15m 15cm  

Year 4 Boys Distance Throw

Regan Heavisides 2014

22m 03 cm

Year 5 Girls Distance Throw

Anise Holmes 2014


Year 5 Boys Distance Throw

Connor Wade 2007

27m 10cm

Year 6 Girls Distance Throw

Laurie Beth Moncrieff 08

17m 60cm

Year 6 Boys Distance Throw

Amari Hadley 2019

29m 70cm (new)

Year 3 Girls Standing Long Jump

Bethany Key 2005

1m 86cm

Year 3 Boys Standing Long Jump

Corey Stevens 2006

1m 98cm

Year 4 Girls Standing Long Jump

Bethany Key 2006

1m 91cm

Year 4 Boys Standing Long Jump

Corey Stevens 2007

2m 03cm

Year 5 Girls Standing Long Jump

Ashleigh To 2008

1m 86cm

Year 5 Boys Standing Long Jump

Travis Richards 2013

1m 99cm

Year 6 Girls Standing Long jump

Isobel Stevenson 2013

1m 99cm

Year 6 Boys Standing Long jump

Alex Stell 2006

2m 15cm

Year 3 Girls Triple Jump

Freya Shaw 2013

4m 10cm

Year 3 Boys Triple Jump

Corey Stevens 2006

4m 78cm

Year 4 Girls Triple Jump

Maisy Bertram 2011

4m 68 cm

Year 4 Boys Triple Jump

Vince Southworth 2006

5m 66cm

Year 5 Girls Triple Jump

Freya Gunstone 2007

6m 40cm

Year 5 Boys Triple Jump

Ewan Stell 2008

6m 24cm

Year 6 Girls Triple Jump

Daniela Hamilton 2008

5m 65cm

Year 6 Boys Triple Jump

Josh Key 2011

7m 10cm

Year 3 Girls Javelin

Sydney Stockton 2013


Year 3 Boys Javelin

Charlie Roberts 2011


Year 4 Girls Javelin

Ella Randall 2019

11.60m (new)

Year 4 Boys Javelin

Ben Jolly 2019

17.10m (new)

Year 5 Girls Javelin

Marlena Prochon 2019

14.70m (new)

Year 5 Boys Javelin

Corey Kempster 2019

19.30m (new)

Year 6 Girls Javelin

Laurie-Beth  Moncrieff 08


Year 6 Boys Javelin

Amari Hadley 2019

25.50m (new)