Maths Tips for Parents & Home Activities Sept 2019

All Ages / General Tips
  • Help them to learn their tables and have quick recall of all tables up to 10 x 10 and related division problems – eg how many 6s in 42?

  • Practise number bonds – eg what do you add to 45 to get 100?

  • Encourage them to show all working out when doing homework

  • Encourage them to complete homework to a good standard

  • Use every day situations to practise maths – eg estimating the bill when in the supermarket: is the large size better value etc

  • Encourage a positive attitude to maths. Make maths fun!

  • Reinforce where maths is used in everyday life including in the work place

  • Encourage the use of Times Table Rockstars for revision, practise and fun!

  • Encourage children to get involved in solving puzzles – eg Suduko, Logic puzzles, games of strategy. Puzzles can be found on the NRICH website

Tips and home activities to create fantastic mathematicians!

FS & KS1

  • Don’t always count things in a line or from left to right. Try a circle or just a mixed up group. Also, count mixed groups of objects (e.g. a block, a lego man and a ball) rather than always the same things. Mix up the colours too.

  • When playing board games (e.g. snakes and ladders or monopoly), use two dice. Let the children choose if they want to move forwards by both, back by both, or forwards by one and backwards by the other.

  • Encourage your child to help prepare a meal each week – particularly recipes involving fractions of cups or when a recipe needs to be doubled etc.

  • When on the motorway, estimate how long it would take to get to the next town given the speed limit and distance.