Outdoor Learning

Outdoor learning enables aspects of our school curriculum to be delivered in an active, exciting and engaging way in the outdoors.

Our children have the freedom to move in large outdoor areas experiencing the sights and sounds of the environment around them whilst developing practical skills in exploration, discovery and enquiry.

Our school and our immediate locality has a wealth of outdoor places in which outdoor learning takes place including our school orchard and pond, our playgrounds, local parks, woodlands and beaches.

Whilst engaging in outdoor learning the children in our school are able to develop a strong sense of respect for the environment and are more likely to continue to engage in the outdoors with their families. On reaching adulthood their greater appreciation for the natural environment is likely to ensure that they continue to contribute positively in society.

As part of their involvement in outdoor learning our children develop social skills through team work, gain emotional well-being, increase their self-esteem and are empowered to embrace challenge, without fear of failure, whilst making calculated risk management decisions for themselves.