Rocket building

Jack wanted to make a space rocket station. The workshop plan was introduced (on a clip board with attached pencil for enhanced interest!)  Jack drew the design and was then asked to label the parts and give it a title.  An adult slid in the sound mat discreetly and modelled finding initial sounds. At this point no emphasis was made on handwriting or letter formation – don’t stop the flow this can be picked up later!
Jack was left to his design – as he now knew how to use the plan he was confident to add an extra feature (Pringle tin) and label that also. He has now developed his ideas. 
Jack brings his finished design to share. Adult: wonders out loud “ What shape is at the top of a rocket? “ (Jack has left the tube with a flat end).
Jack suggests a pointy bit is needed and uses a piece of ripped paper to achieve this. Adult wonders if there is anything in the 3D shape draw that might be better.
Jack brings back a square based pyramid – the shape at the bottom is discussed and compared to the top of the cylinder. Adult wonders if there is a better 3d shape we could use?  Jack goes back to the 3d shape drawer and brings back a cone. Adult wonders if we could make one out of card? Jack is encouraged to choose the colour he wants it to be. Adult thinks out loud…”I don’t know how to make a cone maybe I could look on the internet?” Together a simple example is found and Jack learns how to make a square out of a rectangle by folding in half and cutting off the remaining thin rectangle. He then finds a large circle to draw around and cuts it out. Following the instructions a triangle is cut out of the centre. The cone is made and attached to the top of the rocket. Jack smiles!!