As the children transition from foundation stage we work hard to ensure that the environment offers similar opportunities for exploration. In addition to this the duration of free choice is lengthened to allow for extended periods of engagement in their new surroundings.  During these early days the adults take time to get to know the children, discover their interests and provide the opportunities for them to explore these further. An active learner is an engaged learner! 
During the first half term it was evident that the children LOVED junk modelling!! To capitalise upon this the adults worked alongside the children in a 'partnership' to help them develop their ideas further.  Guitars were the first interest.  Through questioning and lots of 'I wonder?' questions, posed by the adult as a facilitator, the guitars provided a perfect platform to explore many aspects of the Year 1 curriculum. Children were encouraged to enhance their creations by watching videos on how guitars are actually made and looking closely at a real life guitar.  It can be clearly seen that with the right encouragement, support and resources play provides the platform for resilience, determination and feelings of success!