St Margaret's joins the National Children's Parliament on 29.10.21

A really big well done to Oscar, Member for St Margaret's Academy, who attended the first ever virtual Children's Parliament as part of COP26. The results of their debate are being collated into a letter to Boris Johnson to take to the delegates in Glasgow. This Children's Parliament also set a world record for the most children involved.
Read more about the debate in the followed article in The Express:
Here's the question Oscar raised:

"Mr speaker, we are all aware buying locally is the most economically and environmentally friendly way to source produce, though not everything is grown in the United Kingdom. This is where the importance of fairtrade comes in. Not only does this guarantee a fair wage to farmers in some of the poorest communities, it also ensures that these farmers maintain the high standards fairtrade sets and ensures they minimise the use of non-renewable energy sources and harmful pesticides and in turn, helps reduce the impact on climate change. 

Why Mr speaker, is the United Kingdom not setting an example to the rest of the world by forcing supermarkets to only source, where applicable, fair trade products?"