Year 6 Activity Week 1.7.21

Year 6 have had an incredibly exciting time with Activities Week! Over the last week, they have encountered a range of challenges and new experiences that have helped develop their resilience, collaboration and communication.
Working with Reach Outdoors, Hawthorn class enjoyed Archery and bushcraft (and, of course, making s'mores on a campfire). Maple class had great fun kayaking and raft-building. It was wonderful to see our pupils show such great effort in learning new skills.
In school, we enjoyed a range of creative activities- including cookery, photography, 'egg-parachuting', and pottery with Mr Hopkins! A team-building company visited and spent the day helping our children to think about working with others through a variety of exciting puzzles and physical tasks. 
One particular highlight for the year group was our Year 6 School Sleepover. The children camped out overnight at St Margaret's- for many pupils, this was their first experience of staying away from home in over a year. It was fantastic to see how they looked after each-other and enjoyed this memorable time together.
We are all incredibly proud of how all the children performed throughout the week. Outdoor Education is a vital part of children's experience, and we are truly glad that we were still able to provide these opportunities safely for such a wonderful group of children. 
Thank you to our parents and carers for their support in making this happen for the children!