Harvest Festival 14.10.19

Harvest Festival 14th October 2019
Today we welcomed the Reverend Nathan and the JUMP team from Cuthbert Mayne who led our Harvest Festival. Their theme was kindness which fitted well with our school values. One of his pupils shared a story of how they were helped by a teacher at their school and we spent time reflecting on how we are helping others in our community because of your wonderful donations.
We were also joined by two of the team from Humanity Torbay who are currently working with 50+ vulnerable adults a day which is expected to rise to 70+ in the winter. On Saturday they also supported 16 children! They help with clothing, food, advice, support for getting a job and even with washing clothes and providing access to a free shower. They would welcome any further donations of long-life food (tins, packets, cereal, sugar, sauces, biscuits etc.) toiletries (shampoo, toilet roll etc.) and other house-hold items (nappies, bedding, clothing in a good condition)
Following the assembly they posted this lovely message on their Facebook:
Thank you to St Margaret's Academy. Your school assembly for harvest festival was absolutely inspirational and for all the wonderful food and clothing that you gave us which will go to the homeless and vulnerable in Torbay. And I can I thank the Headmaster at your school who was an absolute delight as were the pupils. Kind generous and wonderful...this school was an absolute delight for us to come and see. Bless you all for your kindness xx