We were over the moon to have our new outdoor area completed. The benefits of outdoor space are well known to improve levels of engagement, creativity and co-operation.  Come rain or shine the outdoor area is full of active little people who are using their imaginations, problem solving and communicating with others.  Children in KS1 are still developing their gross motor skills and need space to explore their limits.  We were also donated a wonderful 'Mud Kitchen' by a parent which is hugely popular with the children.  They can; write menus on the blackboards, measure out ingredients, develop their social skills including turn taking and reasoning and explore materials and textures. Just in this short list it can be seen that opportunities for maths, writing, science and PSHE are created.  
The weighing scales and pebble pit provides opportunities to discuss and discreetly teach weight and capacity. By enhancing the area with smaller objects such as gems and beads as well as tweezers and small spoons fine motor activities are also provided....the opportunities are endless!