Vile Villainous Victorious Victorians in Y6 Maple 15.9.20

Victorians – vile, villainous or victorious?

Would you like to have been a child in this era?

For our topic hook, we experienced a morning of schooling for Victorian children. Girls had lessons in deportment whilst boys completed drills on the playground. We watched a re-enactment of the register and learnt some unusual names from this era such as Minty Badger and the teacher – Miss Farting-Clacker! In our handwriting lesson, if we made a mistake we were sent to the head teacher for the cane! We had to be really careful using the handwriting ink! For arithmetic, we chanted our times tables standing up. Some of us had to stand in the corner wearing the dunce’s hat if we were too slow. I learnt that Victorian children should be seen and not heard!