Year 5 Sports Leadership Training 6.5.21

On Thursday, the Sports Leaders in Y5 received some leadership training in school from Miss Truscott - a PE Teacher from St Cuthbert Mayne.

The aim of the training was to give them the skills and knowledge to be able to assist in leading their own games and activities at break times or lunchtimes. 

At lunchtimes they will help to organise games and activities for children in the playground.  Be responsible for handing out and collecting in play equipment and help to make our playground a safe and happy place to play.  Record data like taking registers, encourage everyone and be a fantastic role model.

Now the leaders have the knowledge of how to organise small games and activities, they can start to promote safe and happy play at break times.  Well done to the Sports Leaders for completing the training and to Miss Truscott for her time and expertise.